Home Sweet Home!!

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Ruby is home!! And so is her big sister Adeye, who was also adopted by the Barcroft family, from the same organization where Ruby lived.

Texas has two new residents who are getting to know their sweet family and new country. Pam and Larry arrived home last month after picking their two sweeties up from China, and you can see by Ruby’s face that she is very happy with her new family!  I will be visiting them later this month, and cannot wait!

Thank you all who have followed and prayed for Ruby through this process, and rejoice with us that now there are 2 less orphans in the world! 



Summer Camp with Ruby

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What a great time I just spent in China!  God worked it out for me to go and spend a week with Ruby at summer camp again, so I wanted to share some pictures and give you an update on her adoption process.

We spent a wonderful week together at Bring Me Hope’s camp near Zheng Zhou. It’s been a year and four months since I’ve been able to see her in person and be taking care of her, and it was so amazing to get to be there in her life again.  We’ve been able to communicate on skype regularly, but I have been so excited at the thought of being able to spend real time together.

A great part of this trip was Ruby’s chance to spend time connecting with one her future sisters! Misha came with us to China, and met Ruby and Jia Le, her other future sister that they will also adopt from the same community.  We were able to share with Ruby that she has a family, and that her life is going to be in America.  Seeing the excitement on her face was precious, but not even as amazing as getting to watch her meet the Barcroft family on skype, pointing out her mom and dad with a huge smile on her face and in her eyes.

She has a wait ahead of her, but the time could be good to help prepare herself mentally and emotinally.  It’s looking like it will be early next year that she gets to come to Texas.  She’s also quite excited that her dad told her on skype that they will be getting a new dog when she arrives 🙂

Ruby’s walking ability seems to be getting better so that is really inspiring. She’s pretty fast in her walker cruising down the hallway.  And with her own family to address her needs in the near future, I have a lot of hope in what she will be able to do.

So things are going as planned, thank you all for your prayers of support for her and her new family.  I will be keeping you updated!

 In the next couple months my sister and I will be launching an advocacy site for more children like Ruby, and you can trust that I will be coming to you to spread the word 🙂

Love, love, love!

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Everything is moving along in a positive direction! The Director of the orphanage has continued to allow the progress he said that he would, which is a key concern in this whole process. Also the government agency has said that they have reviewed her and will qualify her as “adoptable,” which was a new hurdle that I hadn’t anticipated initially. So both of those things are amazing. Of course it’s a very long path of obstacles to overcome, so don’t stop praying! 🙂

During my sister Rose’s summer stay in China she was able to visit Ruby at her group home, which I was SO happy that God opened the door for.  I’m so glad she can see through our repeated visits, and skyping, and letters that we are committed to her.  Rose said that they just spent time together playing and coloring and cuddling.  As I’ve also felt, Rose said that each time she leaves her it has gotten harder. But this time, the fact that (Lord willing) she will be here soon with a forever family brings a lot of hope and peace to her heart. I attached a picture from her visit.

Another amazing part of this story is that the family who is going to adopt Si Yan has also decided to adopt Jia Le, another sweetheart that lives with her!

Si Yan already looks up to Jia Le as a big sister, and their new family is so willing and eager to welcome both of them to their new home. I attached a picture of Si Yan & Jia Le with our friend Ruth.

On that note I’d like to share about the family, the Barcrofts! Larry and Pam live in Texas and have a beautiful family of 8 children. I’ve been so impressed at the way they are looking to learn about China and the girls’ conditions so they can better the lives of their new daughters when they arrive.  I’ve attached a very recent picture, and here is a note from them as well!

Dear friends of Si Yan (Ruby) and Jia Le:

Thank you for the favor you have shown to Si Yan and Jia Le with your prayers and financial support. We are excited about the opportunity to adopt these beautiful children.  Your care for them is precious to us and to God.

Larry and Pam Barcroft and family

They would also like prayer for these things specifically:

1)  Si Yan’s paperwork to be released directly to CCAI (the adoption agency here in the US) in November

2)  The adoption to go smoothly and quickly

3)  Wisdom from God to prepare to minister to their special needs.

4)  That God would continue to prepare their hearts, and the hearts of Si Yan and Jia Le to join their family.

SO that is the update for now. I am so so so thankful that God has provided this generous and loving family to build a beautiful life around Ruby. I can hardly believe it’s all happening, I can’t explain how much joy it puts in my heart.

the latest….

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Hi friends!

I’ve got to say, I used to assume that people adopted to fill a hole in their own lives.  In the past year I’ve realized the movement of people that are doing it because God has called them to fill the hole in someone else’s life with His love.

I just wanted to send out an update on how things are going with my search for a family for Ruby. And they are going great!

From the day I posted her website, I’ve been overwhelmed by the response of support, love and prayers. I am so thankful to all of you for spreading her story all over the place.  Not only advocating to find her a family, but making so many other people aware of the desolate situation which so many orphans find themselves in.  Her website has been viewed 1,840 times!

Five different families came forward with serious interest in making Ruby a part of their lives. And there were even more of you interested in doing the same if you had been qualified.  I can’t tell you how happy that has made me to see people make that choice, and jump at the chance to  give her the love and the life she deserves.

Currently there is an awesome family from Texas that is in the application process to verify that they are qualified, and bring her home.  Please pray for both them and Si Yan, that God will prepare all their hearts for their possible future together, cut the red tape, and open all the doors that need opening.

I will continue to keep you all updated, thanks so much for the support and work you’ve done. And know that even more lives have been touched. I know of several families who are now planning to move forward with more new adoptions!! I’m so excited for each life that will be rescued.

Also there are more special needs children from Ruby’s orphanage who I am planning to work on getting adopted if things go through with Ruby as we are hoping. It’s awesome that God seems to have opened a door for working with these kids who wouldn’t otherwise be made available for adoption, so I want to take advantage of that!

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” James 1:27


Ruby Needs a Family

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I plan to find a forever family for this little girl.  She is an orphan in China.  Her name is Si Yan, and I also call her Ruby.  She was born February 8th, 2003.  After spending a lot of time with this beautiful kid, I know anyone would feel blessed to have her as their own child.

Ruby has cerebral palsy; fortunately it seems to have only affected her legs, so she cannot walk on her own.  She has begun to wear braces and use a walker, and hopes to walk on her own eventually.  After spending a couple days with Ruby, the fact that she can’t walk becomes inconsequential when considering making her a part of your life.

Ruby is intelligent, beautiful, loving, extremely well-behaved, and has a kind heart.  Her laid back personality and adaptability makes her easy to love.

Video of our last visit together:


You can tell she is a smart girl.  Every time she’s been exposed to English she has picked up bits of it quickly, and she understands a lot already.  People around her are very impressed, as most Chinese children do not know any English.

I have spent two different weeks with Si Yan in the past year. I decided that I wanted to adopt her after the first week, but found I am unable to because of recent Chinese laws regarding adoption and being unmarried.  Because I am unable to do it myself at this point, I hope to share about who she is and inspire another couple to become the parents that she deserves.

Until I find a family that wants to adopt her, Ruby will not even be placed in the adoption system for other families to find her, as the government does not place priority on submitting paperwork for special needs children.  Being special needs does mean that an adoption could be completed in as little as six months, whereas adoptions normally take two to four years.

Please contact me if you know anyone that may have an interest in getting to know Ruby.

Sarah Barnes

(619) 342-6727


Current laws regarding adoption (China Center of Adoption Affairs):

-Married male and female. Married for 2 years, or 5 if either party has been divorced once.

-Age 30-55

-Physically and mentally healthy with none of the following conditions:  AIDS, mental handicap, infection disease, blindness, hearing or language function loss, dysfunction of limbs/trunk caused by impairment or deformation, severe facial deformation, severe disease requiring long term treatment which effect life expectancy, organ transplant in the past 10 years, schizophrenia, medicated in the past 2 years for mental disorders, BMI greater than/equal to 40.

-Husband or wife must hold stable occupation. Family income at least $10K per family member; family net assets value should reach 80K, and not come from welfare, pension, unemployment, etc.

-Husband and wife must have education of at least senior high school, or trade school.

– No criminal background or history of domestic violence, sex abuse, or abuse of children.  (Case by case consideration when less than 3 criminal records of slight severity, with 10 years past)

-No history of taking narcotics

-No history of alcohol abuse in the last 10 years.